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At the forefront of your dating questions, brings you timely and relevant online dating statistics on matters of the heart, spirit and loins. We bring you top lists and facts from experts in the love and dating field as well as tried and tested reviews of the best dating sites around. We bring you all the stats you need by mixing in a dash of good humor and a pinch of intrigue. Here at, we have always believed that the best way to approach the online dating scene is with a thorough knowledge of what’s out there.


Whether you are going through an intense breakup or you are seeking pregnancy tips, we have the relationship advice you are seeking. Relax with your morning coffee or let us entertain you on your lunch break at work while you catch up on everything from free dating tips to reviews from around the web to surprising and startling sex dating statistics. is your premier source for adult dating statistics. Staff writers Paul Abbey, and Jenny Woodland bring you up- to-date love and sex issues available right at your fingertips.


Our Contributors:


Paul Abbey has a Masters Degree in Sexual Health from the University of Sydney in Australia. He coaches eager students in the art of Tantra and Sexuality. Paul also coaches women who have lost their ability to orgasm and teaches women on how to embrace their sexuality. He has authored several self-help books and has been a guest speaker in three continents and many different cities from around the world. At, Abbey is the leading authority in human sexuality and he strives to help shape the dating community into a more relevant and understanding place for both men and women.

He enjoys attending and facilating sex workshops and writes his best work to Miles Davis playing in the background.


Brought in to give us a bit more of a feminine perspective, Jenny Woodland knows all about the ins and outs of the online dating scene, both through her studies and through personal experience. She holds a BA in Sociology and a Masters in Social Work from NYU. She has directed numerous seminars and courses in her private practice as a social worker and sex therapist and is no stranger to the world of online dating herself. She is thrilled to be writing for since she’s always thought that the dating world could be improved with a knowledge of the data that statistics can provide.