10 Statistical Differences Between Men And Women

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The above online dating chart is a humorous breakdown of the differences between men and women. Charts like this are all in good fun. However there are other statistical differences between both genders and a lot of them do not have to deal with adult dating issues. I know that this blog is geared towards adult dating statistics, and we will continue with that trend. Sometimes just knowing what makes men and women different can help with your dating success. Here are some interesting stats that every man and woman should know because some can actually save your life and some will definitely spark up a debate:

1.  Women are seventy-eight percent more likely to become blind.

And you thought men masturbated more! Actually the statistic is mostly based on third-world issues, particularly due to diseases like trachoma and cataracts that often go untreated. This is often due to the relative lack of adequate eye care for many women in the third world.

2.  Men are five times more likely to use and sign up to an online dating site.

This is some sad news for all of those guys out there who were hoping to easily find a girl out there who wants a date. In actuality, most girls online get propositioned so frequently online that they often will simply block their accounts because the guys emailing and texting them might as well be akin to spam. As a suggestion to all of the guys out there worried about this, I strongly suggest that you improve your writing skills.


3. A man’s computer is 25 percent more likely to infected with a virus than a woman’s computer.

Perhaps it’s all the porn that said man is downloading. This statistic could also have it’s roots in the fact that men are often more techy than women. Simply having a larger relationship with your computer is a good starting point for getting a computer virus.


4. Men are twice as likely than women to being victims of online fraud.

This is actually only partially true. While the relative lack of women on dating sites makes it all the more likely for scammers to pose as women to lure unsuspecting men into starting up online relationships with them which they can then exploit, more often than not when it comes to specifically romance scams, older women seem to be passing ahead as the most frequent targets of these attacks.


5. Men are typically more intelligent than women by a mere five IQ points, making them more suited for careers that deal are highly complex.

This statistic was categorically true for a long time, and it was often sited as the reason why men often outperformed women in the job market, but in actuality the role that IQ plays in gender differences is rapidly shifting. Just as of last year, women started to outperform men almost consistently in IQ tests and in the workplace. It looks more and more that the era of the powerful know-it-all man might be coming to an end.


6. Men are three times more likely than women to commit suicide.

This is an interesting piece of data when you look into it more carefully. While the facts still hold, men are indeed more likely to commit suicide, suicide attempts are actually 3 times more common in women then in men. What does this tell us? It could be that the desire to kill oneself might be about equal in bot men and women; depression can affect everyone. But men are more likely to attempt more violent methods of suicide which is more likely to up their suicide success rate.


7. Men are five times more likely to die from a smoke-related death than women.

Are there more male smokers than female smokers? It looks like men have a greater likelihood to develop lung cancer than women. Also black men are twenty percent more likely to develop lung cancer than white men.

8. Women are six times more likely to be overweight than men are.

In 2008, ten percent of men and fourteen percent of women were obese, and the trend is growing. This is much more of a problem in the first-world than anywhere else.


9. Women have a higher life expectancy at birth and at the age of sixty.

This discrepancy has slightly narrowed in the last few years. Since traditionally men have been employed as either soldiers or more often worked in dangerous environments, the statistics can be skewed somewhat by that. As far as likelihood of degenerative disease, men seem to outscore women slightly more. Perhaps men are just simply more unhealthy than women.

10.Women are ten times more likely to get upset about this article than men reading this article.

Obviously I just made this one up. Here’s hoping that it’s not necessarily true, but we’ll see! Does anyone care to add their thoughts one way or another?



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