5 Ways to Skyrocket Your Self-Confidence

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In online dating, you sometimes definitely need a confidence boost. Confidence is often the key to a successful dating search. No one likes a gazelle but everyone loves a lion. Ya know what I mean?

Right, ok, let’s foget about mantras this and new haircuts that, let’s try some out-of-the-box techniques for raising your self esteem:

1. Lie More!

No, I’m not crazy, and I”m not talking George Costanza styles aka saying you’re an architect when you’re really a barista. I’m talking like, resume lying. You’re not a barista, you’re a latte artist. You DO work out regularly because you totally walk to the corner store to get your smokes every morning. Duh. You could run a marathon no probs.

2. Smell Good.

Make sure you smell good. It’s basic, but it’s important. If she gets one good whiff and you smell like sandalwood & manliness she might just remove her panties right then and there.

3. Write Down What You Want

You want to be sex dating a man who smells good?! Ok! Write it down. It will help you visualize. Visualizing makes you want it really fucking bad, makes it seem real. If it’s real, you can totally get it.

4. Wear Black (Or Another Dark Color)

Two things here: if you is a bit on the chunky side, black will make your curves or muscles pop like the golden god or goddess that you are. Also – if you aren’t a fashionista but want to feel confident you look sleek & sexy, black is always a good choice.

5. Shave Your Manhood

For the dudes: shaving makes it look bigger, prettier.

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