A Bloody Good Time

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Online Dating Stats Question of the Week:

Why are some men okay with having sex with a woman while she is menstruating, and some are strangle against it? Are there any statistics on their opinions and how many feel one way or the other?

Guest sexpert Blanche McDaniel weighs in with a woman’s perspective: In my experience, this is quite a divisive subject. While men overall are general known to be quite opposed to it, more often than not, I have found that if a man is horny enough he is willing to look the other way. The challenge for women is this is often when we are most in need of a good fucking. Our muscles are tight and sore and we just need a good massage on our pussy and a good orgasm to relax and feel better. This is more effective than any pain pill, and it released endorphins.

The mere thought of this though, can be hard to handle for many men. If you have a boyfriend who is willing to try it, make sure you work with him to make it as pleasant as possible. Also make sure you give him a ton of brownie points for taking on the challenge of staying hard in a bloody zone. Have a shower beforehand, try to pick a light flow day, lay down a towel, do it in the dark, make sure he wears a condom, and remove it from his cock so he doesn’t see any of the “evidence”. This is not a time for oral sex or finger fucking, just stick to missionary and keep things simple.

Don’t treat it like a big deal, make sure you have a sense of humor about it and keep it light and fun. The benefit for him is that you won’t need any lube and he gets to relax afterward. You will also want to give him as many blowjobs (after he’s had a shower), and other allowances as he likes for a while after to make sure he knows there is a good reward waiting.

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