A Word on Foot Fetishes

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I am sure you are quite curious about foot fetishes. Everyone is. A foot fetish is actually the most common fetish out there. Nevertheless, in all my years of online dating, I’ve never come across anyone with a foot fetish. Which is too bad. Cause I like trying everything at least once.

Since this is one of those situations where we are supposed to already beyond the point of asking, but might actually not know all the details, I’m going to just save you the embarrassment of asking and break the foot fetish down for you.

Dudes and ladies with a foot fetish basically can’t get turned on without focusing totally on their partner’s feet. They might like weird particular things about feet. They might like feet doing weird particular things. They might bust a nut for their partner in high heels, with their toes all perfectly lined up. They might really want to touch their partner’s feet. They might want to rub their partner’s feet all over their breasts, while their partner wears red toenail polish. They might want to suck their partner’s toes.

Hooking up with someone who has a foot fetish, while you don’t, can be a tricky, tricky thing. It requires a lot of compromise. I wonder if someone without a foot fetish would ever end up having one if they dated a foot fetisher for an extremely long time….But I digress.

Foot fetishism should also not be confused with foot partialism, where someone can focus on the feet and get aroused but can also get aroused via other means. Foot fetishism is when a man or woman can truly only get aroused by the feet. Many people with such fetishes will actually seek out counseling in an effort to ‘cure’ this obsession.

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