Are Online Dating Members Easy?

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dating-onlineAccording To Online Dating Study Adult Dating Partners Are Willing To Give It Up On The First Date

How far would you go on the first date?  Apparently, a lot of you have no qualms when it comes to having sex on the first date.  Since a recent adult dating study has revealed that over 10,000 online dating members were asked if they would give it up and both women and men were open to the possibility of hitting the sheets with someone they barely knew.  The numbers are lower for the women, however both groups of genders that are social drinkers have admitted to definitely hooking up with their dates on the first date.

Social Drinkers Are Easy On First Adult Dating Meetings

According to the suggestive adult dating study, alcohol consumers are sixty percent more likely to be okay with having sex with someone they have just met.  Not surprisingly the numbers reveal a huge corelation between women that don’t drink and women that do.  In fact, this study suggests that men who feed women drinks on dates are more likely to get lucky than men who are gentlemen.  Food for thought.

Male Online Dating Members Are Always Ready For Sex

Does it really surprise you that over fifty percent of  male online dating members are always ready to have sex on the first date? However, when it comes to male drinkers, over eighty-five percent of them will pursue having sex on the first date.





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