Are Women More Likely To Cheat?

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For many years, we have been taught that in our dating lives men are far more likely to cheat due what we have learned from seedy talk shows and any film starring Linda Fiorentino.  Although while men have a far more worse reputation for being unfaithful to their partners, recent adult dating studies show that women are far more likely to lie about cheating and far less likely to get caught.

One of the biggest factors for the raising number of unfaithful female partners is how technology has made it so much easier to fall into temptation with popular social media networks, chat rooms and text messaging.  Also, another huge factor is how there is equality with both sexes now.  Women do not have to be housewives and are now allowed to express themselves in any way they see fit.

So why are women cheating more and getting away with it?  It simply comes down to the fact that women are smarter about it and have learned how to lie effectively.  Lying comes naturally for female cheaters because in spite of their equality in society, they are still judged far more harshly for their private sex lives than men are.

Think about it.  Women have been lying about how many men they have went to bed with to their partners in fears of them leaving them over their less than stellar “numbers.”  From the moment most women enter long-term relationships, they have already told a few white lies and unfortunately over time, the willingness to lie becomes a lot easier to deal with.

It’s time to stop blaming for men for having the most indiscretions because women have affairs just as much as men do–they just are a lot better at hiding it.






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