Are You In a Toxic Relationship?

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By the time you’ve reached your twenties, you will have a lot of expertise with dealing with dating problems and relationships.  However, the older we get, the more co-dependent we become in our relationships due to debts, insecurity and co-habitation.  It’s easy to get stuck in a toxic relationship and it’s even easier to ignore your friends when they point your relationship woes out for you.

A recent online dating survey has stated that 65 percent of singles have been trapped for years in bad relationships and the number could even be higher if more people could actually determine if they are in a bad relationship or not.   Here are some clues for you if you need to signify if you’re in an unhealthy relationship.

Poor Communication

Do you find yourself hanging up on your partner all the time?  Noticing the lack of loving texts being sent your way?  If you can’t even communicate with your partner when you’re not even in the same room as one another without fighting, then this a clear sign you are in a toxic relationship.  Arguments and fights occur some times, but is shouldn’t be a regular occurance.

Constantly Breaking Up Or Threatening To Do So

Are you “breaking up” every other week?  Do you only find yourself happy with one another after you make up briefly?  On and off relationships are a key sign of an unhealthy relationship.


Do you find yourself lying to your partner about where you are and what you are doing? Do you feel emotionally blackmailed to do what your partner wants to do if you say the truth?  Lying and having secrets will only damage your relationship even further.

Drugs & Alcohol Consumption

Are you always high or drunk when you’re spending time your partner?  You find you can only get turned on when you’re under the influence?  When you’re in a toxic relationship, both parties will bond by doing equally self-destructive things in their life to keep them close. Remember that the one for you should bring out the best in you and not the worst.  It’s okay to have a few drinks and to party from time to time, but if it falls in your daily routine, then you are in trouble.

No Respect For One Another
Do you find yourself insulting your partner to his or her face in front of company?  Do you look your partner like he or she is beneath you? Do you only show your love for one another by just saying the words and nothing else?  If you do not respect your partner, then you should not be with them.  With time, you will grow to resent this person and will find it harder to leave as the months or years go by.
If you find yourself in a toxic relationship, build up the strength you need to leave!  Co-dependency is a killer.

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