Are You Lying About Your “Number?”

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While on  searching the web for interesting free dating statistics,  I came across a very shocking fact.  In a recent adult datingsurvey, women aged from 20 to 59 stated that their average number of sex partners during their lifetimes was four, while men stated their average number were seven partners.  Now if these numbers were from 1996, I would definitely agree with these statistics.  However, the fact that we live in such a sexually-oriented and driven society, I can’t help but wonder if people are lying about the notches on their Chewbacca-sized belts.

By the end of high school, a large majority of teen women and men will most likely rack up at least 3 sexual partners.  Less if they have stayed in a long-term high school relationship.  More if they have daddy issues or they are wild childs. 

As much as I would like to think society can be proud of their numbers, I find it highly unlikely that many are honest about how many people they have invited into their bedrooms because if these statistics were truly legit, I as well as many other dating websites would be shut down permanently.

Because we are living in a time which is run by hypocrisy, many singles and new couples are scared of revealing their true numbers in fear of scaring off their partners or romantic prospects.  Don’t ever be afraid of displaying your sexuality.  Revel in it!  Don’t be embarrassed about your past because it made you who you are.  Life is too short to fret about things we can no longer change.   Stay true to yourself and to your partner and if they are the ones for you then they won’t let your numbers factor into your relationship.


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