The Pros And Cons Of ‘Juggling’

So lets say you meet an amazing person, lets say on a popular online dating site for instance, and you go on a few dates and they’re great. Not feeling like you’re necessarily exclusive or anything, you connect with a couple of more people and find someone else to be equally enticing and datable. Then [...]


Are Online Dating Members Easy?

According To Online Dating Study Adult Dating Partners Are Willing To Give It Up On The First Date How far would you go on the first date?  Apparently, a lot of you have no qualms when it comes to having sex on the first date.  Since a recent adult dating study has revealed that over [...]


HIV Infections Are Rapidly Decreasing Worldwide

Sex Dating Statistics Show Rapid Decrease Involving HIV Infections As you may all know, today is World AIDS Day and according to a recent sex dating stat report, HIV-related infections and deaths are rapidly decreasing.  Since 1997, cases involving new HIV-related infections have drastically been reduced by 21 percent and the deaths from AIDS-related illnesses [...]


Twitter Users Fail at Long-Term Relationships

Online Dating Study Suggests Twitter Users Have Inconsistent Adult Dating Lives If you wondered why Kim Kardashian’s marriage and adult dating life is in shambles, her obsessive tweeting habits may be to blame.  According to a recent online dating study, frequent Twitter users have shorter relationships than other people due to cyber ADD, self-loving and [...]


More Women Suffer From ‘Broken Heart Syndrome’ Than Men

Online Dating Study States More Single Women Suffer From Broken Heart Syndrome According to a recent online dating study, a lady’s heart breaks more easily than a man’s and sometimes the results can be catastrophic to one’s health.  The recent study showed that women who have suffered an emotional breakup from someone they were dating [...]


Is Facebook Ruining Your Social Lives?

We all love Facebook but the beloved social media platform is also responsible for the decline of social activities especially amongst women. According to an adult datingstudy done up by Statistics Canada, researchers have revealed that women who are active Facebook users are not going out with their friends like they used to.  Social activities [...]


Are You Dating Damaged Goods?

Relationships can be hard but they can even be harder when you are dating someone who is emotionally incapable of being in a healthy partnership because they can negatively affect all portions of your life.  They can ruin your career ambitions, clean out your bank account and make false accusations of abuse to the police [...]


Choose Your Own Dating Adventure

Technology has taken many leaps and bounds in the past few years and the interactive experience is being taken to film. This week, the online interactive film Far From The Heart premieres in Toronto, Canada and the film explores various negative dating issues and woes that include rape, alcohol abuse and self-image and esteem. The [...]


How To Hide Your Pregnancy

As we all know, pregnancy is a special and beautiful time, but as they say, timing is everything. And sometimes, it’s just not the right time to tell everyone you’re pregnant.  According to a recent sex dating study, 56 percent of women struggle with keeping the secret for the first three months of the pregnancy [...]


Why Love Lorn Women Ignore Their Ambitions

For women, when it comes to life and love, many females tend to forget about their career goals to pursue dating ventures. Researchers at the University of Buffalo have published an online dating study that suggested that women who are pursuing romantic happiness are prone to shying away from academic work in science, computers, math [...]

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