Awkward Couples in TV Land

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Awkward couples – we all know a few. They’re weird. You dread inviting them to your dinner party. You want to kill yourself if they happen to be the first ones to show up…and they probably will be, because they’re just awkward like that.

Weird couples make you happy you’re single, and creep you out with the possibility that your online dating efforts might lead to such uncomfortableness. Ew. It’s much more fun to watch awkward coupleness on TV,  where you are safe from its tension and eerie moments.

Here are my votes for the five most awkward TV couples:

1. Pete & Trudy, Mad Men

Whitey-whites living out their polyester dreams. He’s a spoiled child and so is she. Yet they’re playing all grown up.

2. Liz Lemon & Carol

Damn, Matt Damon is funny as Liz’s Carol. Didn’t know dude was so funny. But Liz being Liz, she can’t help but be absurdly awkward with anyone.

3. Alby & Lura, Big Love

He’s gay. She’s psychotically in love with him. It’s awkward.

4. Stanley & Cadie, Skins

They lie to everyone and say they’ve had sex a million times. In reality, they’ve only made it to second base, and Stanley is still a Virgin.

5. Jessica & Hoyt, True Blood

They’re both awkward on their own, but the fact that Jessica is a vampire virgin and her hymen grows back after each time they fuck makes things a little difficult.

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