Beautiful Women More Likely to Stray

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As Jimmy Soul told us back in the 60s, “If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife.” So true.Everyone else wants her. And now scientists have discovered she might just go ahead and have everyone else as well. Apparently women who are perceived as more beautiful by the opposite sex have higher levels of a hormone called estradiol. Indeed, estradiol levels are linked to women’s fertility-related morphological features . And hormones, as we know, affect the way we behave, even our emotions and cognitions. Hormones definitely have a say in the sex-related decisions we make.

So, men really want to mate with these women – being fertile-looking and hot and all that – and these women, in return, are more likely to, in the words of the researchers, “engage in opportunistic mating.”

The researchers took fifty-two women aged 17 to 30 and asked them to answer questions about their self-perceived attractiveness, the number of long-term partners they’d had, how likely they were to flirt with a man outside their primary relationship, how likely they were to kiss another man, date another man and/or have a serious affair with another man in the next year and so on. Then they asked men to rate how attractive they thought these women were. As I said before, it was all related. The hotties were more likely to say they would or had cheated.

I guess beautiful women are driven to spread their seed (for lack of a better way to put it) in order to pass on their attractiveness. This is how I interpret this study. I wouldn’t let this scare you away from online dating beautiful women, guys. Not all beautiful women will cheat. They have brains. They can rationalize. And fuck, they’re worth it.

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