Paul Abbey has a Masters Degree in Sexual Health from the University of Sydney in Australia. He coaches eager students in the art of Tantra and Sexuality. Paul also coaches women who have lost their ability to orgasm and teaches women on how to embrace their sexuality. He has authored several self-help novels and has been a guest speaker in four Continents and many different cities from around the world. At, Abbey a the leading authority in human sexuality and he strives to help shape the dating community into a more relevant and understanding place for both men and women.

He enjoys attending and facilating sex workshops in his spare time and writes his best work to Miles Davis playing in the background.



In addition to his day job, Mick Lang has spent the last several years freelance writing for popular love and dating websites. His work has appeared in the Boston Globe Magazine and Lola Magazine, just to name a few. In addition to receive a B.A from Amherst College, Lang has a Masters degree as well in Counseling from Boston University. He currently resides in Boston. In his spare time, Lang enjoys playing basketball, quoting Woody Allen films and enjoying red wine with friends.