Where Does Size Really Matter?

  There can be a lot of things to be self-conscious of when it comes to sexual performance and sexual desirability. Often men find themselves concerned that they might have been dealt a substandard set of tools, that they have unwittingly chosen the precision screwdriver over the power drill. It can be one of those [...]


Hockey Or Porn?

So the hockey season is officially over. In a six game Championship Series, The Chicago Blackhawks took away their second Stanley Cup in only four years. Meanwhile, all of those hockey fans in Boston were left wanting of some release. There must be something to get their minds off of the disappointment of their team’s [...]


The Pros And Cons Of ‘Juggling’

So lets say you meet an amazing person, lets say on a popular online dating site for instance, and you go on a few dates and they’re great. Not feeling like you’re necessarily exclusive or anything, you connect with a couple of more people and find someone else to be equally enticing and datable. Then [...]


Computer Acronyms Turn Off Online Dating Users

Dating Study Shows Netspeak Turns Off Online Dating Users Thanks to the good people over at OKTrends, we have this pretty graph that outlines some of the problems with using too many texting shortcuts when you’re chatting with people on dating sites. Although computer acronyms have in many ways taken over our grammar skills when [...]


10 Statistical Differences Between Men And Women

The above online dating chart is a humorous breakdown of the differences between men and women. Charts like this are all in good fun. However there are other statistical differences between both genders and a lot of them do not have to deal with adult dating issues. I know that this blog is geared towards adult [...]


Learn How To Write

Do you know how to write? Do you think that you know how to write? It’s one of those things that technically any literate person knows how to do, but really what we’re talking about is learning how to write well. If you aren’t confident about how you string two word together, you might have [...]


The Geography Of Masturbation

Where in the world are people masturbating the most? This is not that easy a question to solve. For one, this is not the type of data that people often divulge all that often. It’s not like it’s a standard question in the US Census report. The accepted wisdom is basically that everyone does it, [...]


Is Your Date Talking To You, Or Just On Google Glass?

There’s been lots of talk lately about the exciting new piece of tech that Google has come out with, Google Glass. Just for anyone who hasn’t been following the news in the last six months, it’s basically an add-on to your smartphone that you wear on your face like a pair of glasses which projects [...]

craigslist map

The Geography Of Hookups

According to so many online dating sites that specialize in casual sex, they advertise that they have millions of members worldwide. Granted, I’ve always made the argument that if you’re looking to find some great casual sex hookups, your best bet is to sign up with a site that specializes in just that, and there [...]


Do White Men Have An Easier Time Dating Online?

Or are they just racists? First impressions can be a crucial factor when it comes to dating. If you meet someone on the street or in a bar face to face, their race might be an unconscious factor in how you might judge them. As far as online dating goes however, your match might be [...]

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