Everything You Want To Know About Online Dating

Here’s a helpful infographic that’s been floating around online for a while! It’s worth a gander to peruse as it has some great info on the hard numbers of online dating. We here at have always felt that having a solid grasp of the hard data that can be culled from the technological aspects [...]

Online personals

Flipping and Switching

Most of us are aware that we can easily use the Top dating sites to meet all sorts of amazing people, but we do not always stop and think about the possibility that the top dating sites are so very versatile that they can also help us to meet a bottom if that is what [...]

Sex positions

Sex Positions

One of the top questions asked by people getting serious on an adult dating site is do you have a favorite sex position? Everyone has their own opinions and the truth is that it depends on what you want most out of Sex. If your in the mood for a hard fuck then your more likely [...]

Sex skills

Sexual Skills

Sexual experience used to be frowned upon, especially if it was a woman getting some experience. The problem is that sexual experience is the one thing that makes us all better lovers. Like anything else, being really good at sex requires practice. Practice makes perfect – and when it’s sex, at least the practice is [...]


Are Online Dating Members Easy?

According To Online Dating Study Adult Dating Partners Are Willing To Give It Up On The First Date How far would you go on the first date?  Apparently, a lot of you have no qualms when it comes to having sex on the first date.  Since a recent adult dating study has revealed that over [...]


iPhone Users Are Having More Sex

According To Online Dating Study, iPhone Users Have Sexier Adult Dating Lives According to a recent online dating study, iPhone users are more likely to be having more sex in their adult dating lives than other types of smartphone users.  The study also shows that female smartphone users are known to be friskier than male [...]


HIV Infections Are Rapidly Decreasing Worldwide

Sex Dating Statistics Show Rapid Decrease Involving HIV Infections As you may all know, today is World AIDS Day and according to a recent sex dating stat report, HIV-related infections and deaths are rapidly decreasing.  Since 1997, cases involving new HIV-related infections have drastically been reduced by 21 percent and the deaths from AIDS-related illnesses [...]


Twitter Users Fail at Long-Term Relationships

Online Dating Study Suggests Twitter Users Have Inconsistent Adult Dating Lives If you wondered why Kim Kardashian’s marriage and adult dating life is in shambles, her obsessive tweeting habits may be to blame.  According to a recent online dating study, frequent Twitter users have shorter relationships than other people due to cyber ADD, self-loving and [...]


More Women Suffer From ‘Broken Heart Syndrome’ Than Men

Online Dating Study States More Single Women Suffer From Broken Heart Syndrome According to a recent online dating study, a lady’s heart breaks more easily than a man’s and sometimes the results can be catastrophic to one’s health.  The recent study showed that women who have suffered an emotional breakup from someone they were dating [...]


Is That Why It’s Called “Sweet 16?”

Years ago, divulging the time you lost your virginity would have been taboo, but in 2011, everybody’s sex dating lives are out in the open for all to see.  However, it is sixteen year olds who are the most vocal of the bunch. According to a recent adult dating study conducted by the annual British Sex [...]

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