Can Casual Dating Lead To A Serious Relationship?

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Until recently, casual dating and sexual hookups were thought to the number one killer to having a serious long-term relationship. However, a new adult dating research study reveals that not only is casual dating acceptable to many but it can also lead to long-term bliss with a significant partner.

In this new social revolution of connecting with others on Facebook, text and instant messaging, building a serious relationship from scratch is very rare these days and since booty calls and having friends with benefits are more common occurances in everybody personal lives, making it easy for casual relationships to evolve into something more.

According to this recent research study helmed by professors at the University of Iowa, over 47 percent of singles between the ages of 20 to 30 have had a serious relationship with someone they weren’t so serious with on and off.

People are not starting to view hooking up as a foreseeable and normal part of their dating lives and they don’t let others’ opinions ruin the relationship or the evolving feelings that come from it.

It’s vital for people to realize that sometimes your own acute instincts and life experiences can be altered by the stigma of hooking up with someone who you have had nonromantic sex with in the past.

Sometimes, one night stands can lead to life long happiness and sometimes starting off exclusive can lead to a road to misery.

Trust your instincts and if that adult friend you are seeing on and off means more to you than they know, then tell them. The worst they can say is no and the chances of that happening are not lowered significantly.  Take a chance and strive for life-long bliss today.

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