Can Certain Aphrodisiacs Kill You?

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It’s hard to believe that certain aphrodisiacs that are made to enhance adult dating can inevitably harm or kill you.  For many centuries, people have used these arousing stimulants to spice up their sex lives.  Unfortunately, according to an online dating study done this week, many singles and couples are uninformed about the risks of particular sex enhancers that can put an end to your life.

The top of this deadly aphrodisiac list is Spanish Fly.  If you have ever wondered why you haven’t heard about many people using Spanish Fly since the nineties, it’s because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration banned the controversial sex enhancer after many deaths occurred from its consumption.

Viagra is still an ongoing problem as a small percentage of people suffer from heart attacks and blood clotting every year from using the magic blue pill.

“Love Stone” is also a very controversial sexual enhancer that has been banned by the FDA for three years.  Considering it’s made of toad venom, you would think consumers would avoid it at all costs, but you would be surprised as to what people will do to get some action.  Unfortunately, many sex shops do not care about the ban and continue to sell the “Love Stone” under different names.

It’s important as a sexually active adult to be aware of the dangers of using certain aphrodisiacs and what damage they can cause your body.  There are however some aphrodisiacs that are 100% safe and best of all you can find in them in your local grocery store.

Use chili peppers on your lips to promote circulation.  Indulge in eating papaya to increase a woman’s libido and combine that with the scent of lavender to increase blood flow to a male’s genitals and you have got yourself the perfect recipe for guaranteed passionate lovemaking.



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