Can Cheating Kill You?

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Did you know that infidelity can kill more than just your marriage?  A recent sex dating survey has reported that 85 percent of men that die from heart attacks are from being caught in the act by their spouses.  Why is this startling statistic so high you may ask?

An online dating research study in Italy has shown that having sex regularly is ironically good for the heart.  However for men, sex should only be had with their wives because extra-martial affairs will rapidly increase the risk of having a fatal heart attack.

Men may be able to feed into their temptations, but their consciences are affecting their health.  Having sex frequently with different women when you’re married may increase cardiovascular disorders and these disorders could be life-threatening the older you get.  When an extra-martial affair kills a marriage, it’s like having a heart attack.  Unfortunately when you are caught in the act, men are most likely to have an attack rather than have their bodies mimic one.

The statistics are heart-breaking, however you still can prevent infidelity from killing your marriage and quite possibly yourself.  To prevent yourself from being unfaithful, it is imperative to take quick action by seeking professional help or a marriage counselor.  Interact with your partner and share your doubts and fears with them.  If they love and honor you, they will be receptive to your worries and will probably do everything in their powers to erase them from your mind.

Don’t let a one night stand or a tempting flirtation get in the way of your marriage and your health.  It’s simply not worth jeopardizing your life over.






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