Can We Pin Point Rape Locations In Canada?

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Today I thought I would take a break from the usual dating topics and talk about something that actually affects our society in a serious way.

No matter how we try to avoid the reality of the situation, sexual assaults take place everywhere in each of our cities every hour of the day. Everything from groping, inappropriate touching to rape happens around us all the time.  However, in Canada there is something in the works that will help women determine and pin point rape locations.

All my Canadian adult friends will appreciate this breakthrough technology as it can help prevent a number of sexual assaults from happening each year.

According to a statistics study, only six percent of sexual assaults are reported in Toronto, Ontario simply because of the fact that victims are scared of their names being released to the public which is unacceptable.

A project named “HarassMap” which is currently available in Egypt is able to provide a forum to popular social media networks that allows victims and witnesses to report rapes and other sexual assault offenses and pin point the locations on a map.

There are talks that Harrassmap will soon be available in Toronto and if so, it will greatly help the public create awareness to certain areas while also allowing victims to remain anonymous.

Now although I think this a terrific idea that should be implemented in all big cities around the world, this project could have a number of drawbacks as well.

Females would run a higher risk of letting their guard down in other areas simply because there are no rapes reported.  Also, other women may feel threatened to walk around safely in areas they would usually frequent.

The truth of the matter is that sexual assaults happen all the time and all you can do is to be safe, alert and to live your life like you normally would.


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