Canadians Love Online Dating

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Although singles in the States may feel bashful for admitting they didn’t meet their significant others in the coffee shop but rather the internet, it seems like Canadians have no problem admitting they use and love online dating sites.

And honestly, why should there be an embarrassment? In a time where everyone and their pets is on Facebook,  dating online no longer holds the same unwanted stigma it used to.

According to a recent adult dating survey conducted by QMI agency in Canada, 25 percent of Canadians use online dating sites regularly and 36 percent of those Canadians are between the ages of 18 and 35.

The latest numbers are a huge improvement from 2009′s survey, in which online dating was condemned and laughed at by many relationship hopefuls.

Plenty of Fish, the Vancouver-based dating site with more than 35 million users worldwide has recently stated that the usership has increased over 50 percent over the past two years.

So why the sudden love for online dating when only two years before it caused sudden repulsion?  We can give Facebook the credit!

Nowadays, everyone has Facebook friends they have never met or they’ve only met once.  Many relationships and flings start from the online chat application on Facebook and that leads to others wanting to try other dating sites especially in Canada.

So what is your stance on this matter? Do you think Canadians are desperate or do you think that they are courageous and smart for putting their romantic lives in their own hands?

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