The Pros And Cons Of ‘Juggling’

So lets say you meet an amazing person, lets say on a popular online dating site for instance, and you go on a few dates and they’re great. Not feeling like you’re necessarily exclusive or anything, you connect with a couple of more people and find someone else to be equally enticing and datable. Then [...]


Computer Acronyms Turn Off Online Dating Users

Dating Study Shows Netspeak Turns Off Online Dating Users Thanks to the good people over at OKTrends, we have this pretty graph that outlines some of the problems with using too many texting shortcuts when you’re chatting with people on dating sites. Although computer acronyms have in many ways taken over our grammar skills when [...]


Learn How To Write

Do you know how to write? Do you think that you know how to write? It’s one of those things that technically any literate person knows how to do, but really what we’re talking about is learning how to write well. If you aren’t confident about how you string two word together, you might have [...]

Sex positions

Sex Positions

One of the top questions asked by people getting serious on an adult dating site is do you have a favorite sex position? Everyone has their own opinions and the truth is that it depends on what you want most out of Sex. If your in the mood for a hard fuck then your more likely [...]

Sex skills

Sexual Skills

Sexual experience used to be frowned upon, especially if it was a woman getting some experience. The problem is that sexual experience is the one thing that makes us all better lovers. Like anything else, being really good at sex requires practice. Practice makes perfect – and when it’s sex, at least the practice is [...]


Are You Dating Damaged Goods?

Relationships can be hard but they can even be harder when you are dating someone who is emotionally incapable of being in a healthy partnership because they can negatively affect all portions of your life.  They can ruin your career ambitions, clean out your bank account and make false accusations of abuse to the police [...]


How To Reclaim Passion In 15 Easy Steps

After you have been dating your partner for a while, romance and passion tends to take a back seat and according to a recent adult datingstudy, over 60 percent of relationships end because couples don’t know how to reclaim the spark that has dwindled over time in their relationships. You no longer suck in your [...]


Choose Your Own Dating Adventure

Technology has taken many leaps and bounds in the past few years and the interactive experience is being taken to film. This week, the online interactive film Far From The Heart premieres in Toronto, Canada and the film explores various negative dating issues and woes that include rape, alcohol abuse and self-image and esteem. The [...]


How To Hide Your Pregnancy

As we all know, pregnancy is a special and beautiful time, but as they say, timing is everything. And sometimes, it’s just not the right time to tell everyone you’re pregnant.  According to a recent sex dating study, 56 percent of women struggle with keeping the secret for the first three months of the pregnancy [...]


Is Chivalry Just A Form Of Sexism?

It seems like women these days are always complaining about their dating lives. One of the most spoken complaints from women is about how chivalry is dead.  Actually, chivalry is dwindling for the mere fact that men actually are starting to treat ladies like equals and that is not a bad thing at all. A [...]

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