Where Does Size Really Matter?

  There can be a lot of things to be self-conscious of when it comes to sexual performance and sexual desirability. Often men find themselves concerned that they might have been dealt a substandard set of tools, that they have unwittingly chosen the precision screwdriver over the power drill. It can be one of those [...]


Is Your Date Talking To You, Or Just On Google Glass?

There’s been lots of talk lately about the exciting new piece of tech that Google has come out with, Google Glass. Just for anyone who hasn’t been following the news in the last six months, it’s basically an add-on to your smartphone that you wear on your face like a pair of glasses which projects [...]

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The Geography Of Hookups

According to so many online dating sites that specialize in casual sex, they advertise that they have millions of members worldwide. Granted, I’ve always made the argument that if you’re looking to find some great casual sex hookups, your best bet is to sign up with a site that specializes in just that, and there [...]