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The Geography Of Hookups

According to so many online dating sites that specialize in casual sex, they advertise that they have millions of members worldwide. Granted, I’ve always made the argument that if you’re looking to find some great casual sex hookups, your best bet is to sign up with a site that specializes in just that, and there [...]

Sex positions

Sex Positions

One of the top questions asked by people getting serious on an adult dating site is do you have a favorite sex position? Everyone has their own opinions and the truth is that it depends on what you want most out of Sex. If your in the mood for a hard fuck then your more likely [...]


Twitter Users Fail at Long-Term Relationships

Online Dating Study Suggests Twitter Users Have Inconsistent Adult Dating Lives If you wondered why Kim Kardashian’s marriage and adult dating life is in shambles, her obsessive tweeting habits may be to blame.  According to a recent online dating study, frequent Twitter users have shorter relationships than other people due to cyber ADD, self-loving and [...]


Can Casual Dating Lead To A Serious Relationship?

Until recently, casual dating and sexual hookups were thought to the number one killer to having a serious long-term relationship. However, a new adult dating research study reveals that not only is casual dating acceptable to many but it can also lead to long-term bliss with a significant partner. In this new social revolution of [...]


Is Your Relationship Dependent On Alcohol?

In our adult dating lives, alcohol sometimes plays a factor in our relationships.  Sometimes, people are able to start conversations with their future lovers after a few shots in their systems.  Others are able to be spontaneous enough to want to jump in the sack with a new crush.  (They don’t call it ‘liquid courage’ [...]


How to Date More Than One

It takes skills to date multiple men. Although one of the keys ideas of online dating is to explore multiple partners at the same time in order to find the right one, jugggling dudes can be pretty difficult, especially if it is over a prolonged period of time. Yes, man # 2 knows you are [...]