Choose Your Own Dating Adventure

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Technology has taken many leaps and bounds in the past few years and the interactive experience is being taken to film. This week, the online interactive film Far From The Heart premieres in Toronto, Canada and the film explores various negative dating issues and woes that include rape, alcohol abuse and self-image and esteem.

The film deals with many sex dating scenarios and the plot follows a bunch of teenagers facing dilemmas involving high school politics, popularity and sex thrown by the lead character Adam. (played by Toronto actor Warren Bain.)

The film conveys many disturbing issues teens face on a daily basis and its most unique and innovative feature is that it allows viewers to choose the ending of the movie via their blackberries, smart phones and other recording devices that they can upload on to Youtube.

Just like the popular novel series Choose Your Own Adventure, audience members from all around the world can choose the character’s own dating adventures and considering we are living in an advanced computer age, thousands if not millions of people are expected to participate in directing many alternate endings for each character of the film.

Unlike other interactive films which mainly deal with supernatural or horror elements, Far From The Heart is actually dealing with topics teenagers can actually relate to which will garner many hits and viewings for the online film.

If you are interested in this evolved project, you can watch the film today at and you can make your own story come to life!


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