Dating Lessons from 30 Rock

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I was recently watching and episode of 30 Rock where Liz Lemon has started dating Carol, the super hot but super sensitive Pilot, as played by Matt Damon. Don’t laugh, I know you’re probably thinking whatever online dating advice starts out referring to 30 rock can’t be good, but I promise it’s relevant.

So, Liz is all happy and shit, for the first time in her life, because she is actually dating a good man that makes her happy, and a a result, all these guys are catcalling her on the street and flirting with her at work.

“When it rains it pours,” says Jenna.

So, is there any truth to this? I’m quite curious to know what all me readers think, but I will say that although I am not sure I have personally experienced it, it makes sense to me. You are happy and positive when you are with someone that you find interesting. You are glowing because you’re having great sex. You don’t seem desperate or lonely. And no one is going to be attracted to desperate and lonely. (And god, I am not saying at all that all single people are desperate and lonely, to the contrary, many are absurdly happy, and sometimes people in long-term relationships are more desperate and more lonely than people anxiously seeking love.)

But what you can learn from this are the following things.

1. Make sure you fill your life with activities and people that make you happy. Reading. Yoga. Cooking banana bread. Action figures. Whatever.

2. When adult dating, even if you don’t have strong feelings about a particular person, go on a date with them anyway, it will help you give off that positive sexual vibe.

And so ends today’s love lesson from 30 Rock.

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