Differences in Male and Female Brains Decrease with Age

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At nine years-old, the brains of boys and girls are incredibly different. By 22, the are incredibly the same. This discovery has shocked the scientific community – even researchers who specialize in differences between the sexes have been extremely surprised by this revelation.

I have to simplify the findings for the purpose of this article (and because I don’t really understand them entirely myself), but basically, researchers took MRIs of a large group of male and female brains at nine years-old and then again at 22. To better illustrate their findings, researchers created a video of the images with the parts of the brain in the male and female patients that are more mature at the ages in question. The parts of the brain that are more mature in the nine year-old females are highlighted in pink, those in the boy are highlighted in blue. As the kids age, the blue and pink areas begin to change to white, white indicating there is no significant difference. At nine, the boy’s brains are almost completely blue and the girl’s brains are almost completely pink. By the time they are 22, more than half the brain is white – meaning there are no significant sex differences. Thus, with age, differences between the sexes decrease.

The study was conducted by the NIH and the article presenting its findings was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a very prestigious journal. Curiously however, the story has basically been ignored by the mainstream media. Why? Don’t tell me they thought the public wouldn’t find it interesting enough, because the people love this shit, they eat this stuff up with a fucking shovel.

No, the media doesn’t want to report on this study because the popular, widely-accepted theory in both the scientific community and the mainstream is that gender and sex differences increase with age, are taught, etc.. But zang! Nope. And in fact, doesn’t it kind of make sense, at least when it comes to the maturity levels of certain brain functions? Like the ability to sit still and listen? Can a 9 year-old boy do that very well? Nope. Can a 22 year-old boy do that quite well? Yup.

Still, from what I understand of this study, this isn’t saying men and women are the same, this is saying they are the same in certain ways (and the we should consequently be able to online date each other with ease.) Right? We need a sexy scientist lady to get in here and tells us.

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