Do Droughts Bring On Lesbian Thoughts?

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Many single men may be happy to know that a lot of straight women question their sexuality from time to time.  A recent sex dating study shows that 64 percent of women have questioned their sexuality after a few painful breakups.  However, don’t get too excited yet because many women only seem to question if they SHOULD be lesbians rather than questioning if they COULD.

These vain life-affirming questions of sexuality only seem to occur with heterosexual women after a chain of bad luck when it comes to dating men.  It is perfectly normal for women to question if the reason why they’re so unlucky with their searches of love is because they are probably more suited to women.  Some even go as far as starting to question if because they don’t like certain female-driven activities such as getting manicures, watching Jersey Shore or using their ovens for cooking rather than storage that they were destined to be with women.

Now it’s true that some women may be attracted to other women, not all women who have lesbian thoughts are homosexual.  Thinking about your sexuality after a breakup is just like saying, “I’m done with men!”  If it’s not in your nature, then you will forget about your thoughts once an eligible suitor comes your way.

So, don’t  think just because you have a female movie star crush, that it instantly means you’re a lesbian and that you have to watch But, I’m a Cheerleader for some insight.  It just means you haven’t met the right man yet.  If the very thought of giving oral sex to a woman makes you gag, then chances are; you are not a lesbian but rather a very bitter and jaded woman who needs some much need patience in her life.

Don’t let your droughts give you doubts and just learn how to be true to yourself.



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