Do Ladies Enjoy Chocolate Over Sex?

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For many years, men have battled with a woman’s favorite food as much as they have battled with their battery-operated toys. According to a new online dating site survey however, women really do prefer chocolate over sex.

The survey that took place in the UK revealed that over 65 percent of the female participants preferred chocolate to sex.  33 percent of the women also revealed that they eat chocolate more times than they have sex in a week.

When asked about why they prefer chocolate over sex in their adult dating relationships, most women revealed that eating chocolate is always pleasurable and you have guaranteed satisfaction afterwards. (Which is safe to say that can’t be said about sex.)  Also, over 35 percent of women stated that they were knowledgeable of the endorphins that are released when eating chocolate and preferred being in a good mood. (Which again, can not be said about having sex.)

Men shouldn’t accept defeat just yet, because there are ways of incorporating a woman’s love for chocolate and sex at the same time. By incorporating one with the other, you can have the best of both worlds tonight.  A little foreplay and chocolatey goodness can make any woman’s heart melt.

Try investing in some chocolate body paint or aphrodisiac oil to put on your partner while you’re intimate.  You can even a private fondue session where you enjoy feeding each other chocolate-covered strawberries. Or even buying your lady a box of her favorite chocolates one day for no reason could really help you out in the bedroom.

Enjoy your “just desserts” tonight!




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