Do Ovulating Women Have Better ‘Gaydar?’

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When women are ovulating, they have mood swings, cramping and are highly emotional. However, they can also use their super powers for good as apparently they are more inclined to tell if a potential dating partner is homosexual or not.

According to a recent sex dating study done at the University of Toronto and Tufts University, researchers have discovered that when a woman is ovulating, her impeccable ‘gaydar’ kicks in.

A conduction of experiments have proven this odd theory as a huge group of ovulating women were able to distinguish between heterosexual men and homosexual men just by looking at their faces.

Other non-ovulating women undergrads were not as good at telling the straight and homosexual men apart.  Is this a hoax or merely just a cruel experiment for ‘orientation profiling?’

This suggests that fertility influences a heterosexual woman’s attention to potential mates.  -Professor Nicholas Rule

It’s hard to say whether this study will help women not make the common mistake of falling for a homosexual man or that it will cause outrage in the gay community, but this could be a revolutionary research study that will change many people’s love lives forever.

So fellow Onlinedatingstats readers, what do you think explains this seemingly unnatural phenomenon?  Do you believe that ovulating women have a better chance of spotting orientation differences or do you merely think this is pure coincidence?

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