Do Vibrators Help Relieve Cramps?

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Ladies should put away their Advil now because there is a far more entertaining way to relieve menstrual cramps!  After scouring the Net for mind boggling dating statistics, it came to my attention that vibrators are not just being used to get women to orgasm anymore, but in fact they are being used to relieve women of horrible menstrual cramps.

According to a recent sex dating study, I was amazed to find out that 43 percent of women between 20-35 of age have admitted to using their vibrators to help them get through the painful contractions they get during PMS.

Although this news should not be shocking or be considered to be strange as the vibrator  was originally created in the nineteenth century as a medication to fight the anxiety-related symptoms of “hysteria” (now simply known as menstruation.)

Now despite the fact that many women would find this interesting fact a disturbing one, masturbating with your vibrator is actually the most healthiest and pleasurable way to combat cramps. Taking Advil may successful help the pain,  but large amounts of ibuprofen can eat away at the stomach lining and cause ulcers and stomach pain thus defeating the purpose of the cramp relieving remedy.

Your periods don’t have to be something you dread every month if you simply give into your temptations and ‘remedy’ yourself without taking any medication.  Now I truly believe there is such a thing as a ‘happy’ period.


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