Erotic Art of Yesteryear

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I was feeling up for a history lesson this morning. And so I decided to start seeking porn of days past.

I was totally successful. Peoples of yesteryear were just as dirty and sex-obsessed as we are. But because the didn’t have DVDs, adult dating, or the internet, they had to get a bit more creative with their erotic art.

Plates, rocks, wall-hangings – they put it everywhere. They did it all. They used whatever material or surface they could get their hands on.

And they did an awesome job. Damn, they were good at their smut. Here’s a few of my favorite treasures of smut past.

It’s always good to fuck a horse, especially if your dick is as long as a horse’s, like this dude’s. Were they all built that way back then?! If so, please take me back. And what is that lady doing? Is she trying to get the horse to give her some oral pleasure? After all, there’s nothing like fucking a horse if your online date, er, I mean, arranged(?) date doesn’t pay off.

It is also always a good idea to have porn on your dinnerware. If your guests are looking at smut, they might decide a big old orgy isn’t such a bad idea before dessert. Um, I also just want to say that I love this depiction – it’s like, how much farther could that woman possible bend over? He’s really got her down there.

Oh, hello there. Don’t mind me, I’m just grabbing this lady’s tit while she is weaving me a lovely carpet. At least, I think that’s what she’s doing. Ah, random tit-grabbing, the preferred activity of gentlemen in side-swept hats.

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