Hot People More Likely to Have Daughters

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It’s that time again – the moment for an interesting, yet rather questionable fact coming out of a I-can’t-believe-someone-is-studying-that study. Here it is (drumroll, please): attractive people are more like to have daughters. (Gasp of surprise.)

Ok. there’s this dude, an evolutionary psychologist name Satoshi Kanazawa, and he teaches at the London School of Economics. He looked up info on 17,000 children born in 1958 that were (for some reason) evaluated for their attractiveness in 1965. He then talked to the participants in the study at the ripe old age of 45. He discovered that the participants who had been judged as unattractive had produced male offspring 56 percent of the time. The offspring of the attractive people however, was split at about 50/50.

The study sounds weird and sketchy to me, and indeed, many scientists have expressed skepticism over the findings. However, Kanazawa obviously believes it’s legitimate and says that attractiveness in a woman is more valuable that in a man (in regards to, you know, getting an online date and such, since men want beautiful women and women don’t supposedly care as much), attractive people will thus have more female kids in order to pass on this valuable trait.

Although I don’t buy the study, why are there so many more hot women than hot men? Is it simply because women are encouraged to spend a significantly larger amount of time and money on cultivating and preserving their beauty? Or is it simply because in this day and age we do not appreciate male beauty – it is not worshipped as it was in Greek and Roman times, so we don’t recognize it? Maleness, in other words, those traits attributed to the male, do not currently signify beauty, so we believe there are not as many beautiful men. Or is evolutionary biology (is that the right word to use in this context?) really behind this? I’m sort of tiring myself out writing this. I need to go eat a banana. Think about it. See you later.

Hot People More Likely to Have Daughters, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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