How to Date More Than One

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It takes skills to date multiple men. Although one of the keys ideas of online dating is to explore multiple partners at the same time in order to find the right one, jugggling dudes can be pretty difficult, especially if it is over a prolonged period of time.

Yes, man # 2 knows you are dating man # 3. In theory. But he doesn’t want to FEEL it. He doesn’t want to feel man # 3 all over your body, or all over your brain, or in your car, or with yout two when you’re out for dinner. Same goes if you are a man dating multiple women. So, although you should be honest that you aren’t dating each individual exclusively, you should also make sure you make him or her FEEL as if she or he is the only one.

A few tips:

1. Make Sure You Keep Your Information Straight.

Don’t confuse their histories or back stories or interests! Make sure you remember whose grandfather has dementia and whose grandfather has a shotgun. Also – don’t confuse which experiences you’ve had with whom. You don’t want to bring up that time you had sex in the bathroom of the Indian restaurant with Man or Woman #1 if that really happened with #2.

2. Hide the Evidence

Clear away any physical evidence of the other numbers, whether it be articles of clothing on your floor or a giant hickey on your neck. Again – no need to throw the other candidates in tonight’s date’s face.

3. Have Alternative Excuses Ready for Being Busy

Woman # 3 asks you to go out on Friday, but you already have a date with #2. Don’t tell her this, just make up another excuse. Yes, this is lying, but in this scenario I think it’s best. A little lying is necessary in passion dating – after all, once you choose the number you want to be with exclusively, that’s when it’s important to be 100% honest.

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