How To Have Great Pregnancy Sex

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It’s normal to not feel sexy when you’re expecting a child.  However, it shouldn’t be normal to not want to have sex during your pregnancy.  Thousands of men just answered an online dating survey and 81 percent of men have admitted to being even more sexually aroused when in the presence of their pregnant girlfriends and wives.

Any adult dating site will tell you that having sex during pregnancy is actually more pleasurable. When you’re pregnant, your breasts expand and your  vaginal walls swell up making you a little “tighter” which also allows both the man and the woman to feel more pleasurable sensations  during sex.

Here are some tips to help you to a better sex during your pregnancy!

1. Enjoy Your New Found Glow. Stand in front of a mirror and embrace the new version of yourself. Take pride in your rounder body  and give it the respect it deserves. You are a beautiful woman and you need to remember pregnancy is very alluring for your mate.

2. Give yourself a Sexy New Look. Just because you’re getting bigger, doesn’t mean you don’t have to hate your body and ignore your looks. Treat your body like it’s a temple.  Get yourself new hairstyle, change your make-up, and buy a new maternity lingerie. Enjoy your new sexual personality!

3. Act sexier than you feel. By acting sexy, you will be sexy to your partner.  It’s really just that simple.

4. Remember That You Are Sexy To Your Partner. Although you may feel like a fat cow, your lover certainly doesn’t see you like that. He enjoys your new breasts and loves being reminded that you are going to be the mother of his child.

5. Take Naked Photos of Yourself. Surprise your lover by sending him racy pictures of your naked pregnant body.  By doing so, he will be turned on even more that he has such a confident and sexual uninhibited partner.

6. Have Romantic Dates! Before the baby arrives, make sure to plan weekend romantic outings and enjoy each other’s company in bed.  Remember this is going to be the last time you will have for a while to enjoy being alone with each other.  Rejoice in each other’s company.

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