How To Hide Your Pregnancy

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As we all know, pregnancy is a special and beautiful time, but as they say, timing is everything. And sometimes, it’s just not the right time to tell everyone you’re pregnant.  According to a recent sex dating study, 56 percent of women struggle with keeping the secret for the first three months of the pregnancy and it can be difficult to not let the secret slip.  Fortunately, there are many reasons that people choose to delay announcing their pregnancy.

You’re no longer drinking alcohol. 
So you’re used to going out with your friends drinking, but when it comes time order your drink, all eyes are on you when you stick to sparkling water.  If you get questioned, tell your friends you have a headache and are trying to cut down for health reasons. Or, order a virgin cocktail without their knowledge and act a little tipsy instead.  The same can be done for smoking.

Your clothes are a bit tight.

You don’t want to buy maternity clothes but your pants are about to burst.  Try to make your clothes last longer by using elastic waist bands or even pregnancy bands that go around your pregnant belly.

You throw up a lot. 
Blame it on food poisoning and then the flu. It should buy you some time.

You cry for no reason. 
Crying is expected when you’re pregnant but to your friends, you might look like a crazy lady if you’re crying over the Cottonelle commercial. Just tell you friends you haven’t received much sleep in the past few days or you have been under an enormous amount of stress.

You have strange cravings or food aversions. 
The pregnancy weird cravings part isn’t usually early on, though some women report that they crave healthier foods in early pregnancy. I have to admit that the hardest part for many women is how sensitive their nose and palate becomes in even the very early weeks. Food that was once favored, is now on the no way list. This is particularly true of foods that are spicy and pungent. Simply claim you’re really dying for (insert the name of food you’d like here). Then call it a day.

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