How to Stop Fake Orgasms

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fakingMany men out there are confident enough to say their female partners never fake their climaxes, however they may be surprised to find out that a recent online dating survey revealed that only 29% percent of women orgasm during intercourse.  This might sound like a ridiculous percentage, but unfortunately it’s truer than anyone would like to believe.

Why such a low percentage you may be wondering?  Many women tend to believe that because they can’t climax during intercourse, that there is indeed something wrong with them, which couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Women need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm and many sex positions tend to not bring women these results which is the catalyst to faking orgasms.  If your datinglife is suffering from these over the top orgasms, there are a few ways to end the nightly performances in your bed.

Focus more on Foreplay: Take your time with pleasing and teasing your partner through intimate touching and oral sex.  Most women orgasm with finger and mouth play.  So the next time you have sex, men should bring their partners to the brink of orgasm by pleasuring them orally and then slowly entering them. Repeat this multiple times.  By partaking in  this back and forth sex game, you will be able to make your female partner orgasm through intercourse.

Take Your Time: We all know men don’t need much to climax but women are far more intricate and need time to climax.  It’s not a race after all, so take your time by focusing on your partner. Synchronize your breathing and if you’re the man and feel like you’re about to climax, pause for a second and then when you feel like you are ready, start again.

Be Vocal: Women tend to get the most aroused when they let themselves go.  Stop focusing so much on climaxing and enjoy the moment by releasing moans and sighs.  Say your partner’s name and concentrate on the pleasure rather than the hopeful results.  You will be surprised how effective this can be.

Stop Faking: Women need to realize that although they are faking to make their men feel better, it’s not doing anything on improving your orgasm situation.  He is never going to make you orgasm if you let him think “his moves” are really working.  Be honest.  Know your body.  If you masturbate often, then you should not be afraid to direct him.  He wants to please you, so let him.  Don’t be shy!



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