iPhone Users Are Having More Sex

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According To Online Dating Study, iPhone Users Have Sexier Adult Dating Lives

According to a recent online dating study, iPhone users are more likely to be having more sex in their adult dating lives than other types of smartphone users.  The study also shows that female smartphone users are known to be friskier than male smartphone users.  The study was conducted by a series of personality tests on a famous dating site.

Blackberry User’s Adult Dating Life Doesn’t Compare To iPhone Users

According to the adult dating study, individuals with iPhones are more likely to have more sexual partners than Blackberry users and/or those who have an Android handset.  Also, it turns out that women with iPhones get around as well.  The average 30 year old woman with an iPhone is said to have more than a dozen sexual partners, while male iPhone users generally tend to have under ten sexual partners.

Unique Sex Study Conducted Over An Online Dating Site


The online dating study used a creative  approach to come to these conclusions. First, they posted a series of personality tests on the site for users, some of which ask for information about the number of sexual partners that the people have had. Then they looked at the data encoded in the respondents profile pictures. This allowed them to see which smartphones were used to upload photos to the site. All of this information was combined to come up with the results of the study.



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