Is Chivalry Just A Form Of Sexism?

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It seems like women these days are always complaining about their dating lives. One of the most spoken complaints from women is about how chivalry is dead.  Actually, chivalry is dwindling for the mere fact that men actually are starting to treat ladies like equals and that is not a bad thing at all.

A recent online dating study done by researchers discovered that chivalry is mostly a disguise for chauvinistic personality traits.

It seems that every day acts and gestures that imply the female gender should be taken care of and protected are really just forms of dominance over women.

According to a report in Psychology of Women Quarterly, men should learn to avoid the following:

1. Helping carrying a woman’s shopping bags.

2. Complimenting a woman’s cooking.

3. Assume a woman needs help setting up her Blu-Ray Player.

4. Holding the Door For Her.

To be quite honest, it’s hard to believe that good manners could ever be misconstrued into sexist behavior. However, I find this to be a tremendous study because women will finally get what they have always wanted: to be treated like equals.

Because chivalry should be dead, women too should avoid doing the following if they want to be considered ‘equals.’

1. Expecting men to take out the garbage.

2. Expecting Men To Pay The Bill

3. Expecting Men To Do Car Repairs

So chivalry is dead and it turns out, has changed things for the better. Be careful what you wish for, ladies. You might just get it.

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