Is FaceBook Ruining Your Relationship?

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I doubt I need to inform you that FaceBook is putting a damper in your adult dating life considering many singles and couples are facing the challenges the beloved social network is putting on their relationships.  A recent online dating survey has revealed that 67 percent of couples that are using Facebook have faced many problems and even break ups over the use of Facebook.  Here are some of the reasons why using this social network could cause problems for your love life.

Your Relationship Status

Relationship statuses are easy to change and hard to prevent friction in your relationship.  Your partner could be mad that you haven’t changed your ‘single’ status to ‘in a relationship.’  One day you could be having a fight and your partner could irrationally change their status to ‘in a relationship’ to ‘it’s complicated.’  To avoid any drama over your open martial status, just take it off all together.  If not, you might see that you and your partner have broken up on your newsfeed.

Old Photos

When you add your partner to your profile, you are inviting them to view your pictures at their leisure.  Suddenly, they see the pics of you whoring it up at clubs with your friends from years ago. A person may upset their partners by asking them why they don’t dress up like they used to in 2006.  Also, if you haven’t deleted the pics with you and your ex, then you’re in for a huge fight!  To avoid this unneeded drama, untag your old photos that don’t matter to you anymore and make sure you delete photos of past relationships STAT!

Tagging Ugly Photos

Sometimes men don’t understand that women do not like being tagged in photos that show off their arm pit fat, bloated cheeks and mascara smears all over their face.  You can tag a picture of your girlfriend and she could freak out on you because it honestly is a hideous photo.  So to avoid a scream fest, just let your partner know that you uploaded the pictures and ask her first which ones you should tag them in.

Less Online Affection

You ever wonder why so many love sick couples post sickening and sweet wall posts on each other’s profiles?  Men usually buy into this simply to please their women.  Many women on Facebook like showing their off their love for their partners online for all to see.  However, the boyfriend does not write comments and write wall posts, suddenly they are not “involved” with their relationship.  You can solve this problem by telling your partner that you rather share your love for them in person rather than to a group of strangers online.  If that doesn’t work, always hit the “Like” button.  It works like a charm.

Beware of Your Exes

If you’re a guy and are seeing someone new, you have to know that previous exes are still checking up on you.  Your personal information and comments are on a public forum.  They can see what you’re doing, what events you’re going to and who you are currently dating.  To avoid any drama with your new girlfriend, make sure to delete any romantic comments from any ex and unfriend them if your current girlfriend is not comfortable with her on your profile.  The rule of thumb is if you don’t see them anymore in person, then they shouldn’t be on your friends list either.

Beware of Her Exes

80% of women on Facebook have at least 2 to 3 ex boyfriends on their friends list.  Sad, but true.  Most men do not want to know about any guy that has dated his current girlfriend, but your girlfriend makes it impossible for you to ignore them when they’re constantly liking blogs, statuses and even telling her how sexy she looks in a recent photo on a wall post.  You can prevent yourself from going berserk by simply telling your girlfriend how you feel.  If you delete exes from your account, she should do the same for you out of respect.

Addiction to Facebook

Before people were glued to their computer screens, but now people are spending far too much time checking their iphones and blackberries for the latest updates.  Nothing kills romance faster than an obsession for a social media network, especially on dates.  Whenever you are out with your partner, make sure to step away from your phone!  Make them know that spending time with them comes first.

Opening Your Inbox

For the love of God people, learn how to LOG OUT!  Do not let your partner be tempted by snooping through your inbox because they will snoop if you forget to log out.  There is always a message from an ex or from somebody that your current partner does not like.  I’ll say it again…Log out!!!

Wrong Profile Picture

You will always be judged by your profile page because it is your decision what you put up on.  If you are stupid enough to crop a picture of you and your partner and leave them out or post a photo with you and a couple of hot singles at a bar, then you deserve to get cyber-slapped.  It’s unfortunate we have to take these precautions, but if you decide to put your information out there, then you deserve to suffer the ridiculous consequences.


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