Is Facebook Ruining Your Social Lives?

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We all love Facebook but the beloved social media platform is also responsible for the decline of social activities especially amongst women.

According to an adult datingstudy done up by Statistics Canada, researchers have revealed that women who are active Facebook users are not going out with their friends like they used to.  Social activities have declined from 70 percent to 60 percent since 2000, mainly due to the fact that there are less face to face and phone interactions amongst friends and relatives and why is that you may be wondering? One word: FACEBOOK.

Sure, Facebook is a great platform for people who want to brag about their dating endeavors and is a great place to find old friends.  Unfortunately, it has also deluded people into thinking they are far more connected to their friends than they really are.

Women need to realize that posting on Facebook about what is going on in their lives is not the same as going out for a girls’ night out even if the social media network gives off the illusion of being “social.”

54 percent of Canadian Facebook users are female and primarily all the profiles are updated at least once or twice a day. So why are we allowing Facebook to take over our lives?

For women, it is a form of escapism at times.  These days, women are busier with their careers and if they are not, they are at home taking care of the house and Facebook is ironically that link to the “outside” world.  With use of popular social media networks, women don’t need to constantly do their hair and makeup. Nor do they have to call their girlfriends for a gab fest.  Facebook allows interaction with others without being face-to-face.

If you find yourself agreeing with this article, try rationing your time on Facebook.  Make an effort to call your friend and go out for drinks like you used to.  Stop displaying your life and start living it now.


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