Is Nostalgia Affecting Our Love Lives?

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Considering how society can not avoid CGI monsters, online dating sites autotuned noise and dreadful reboot television shows, it’s no wonder that people in their late twenties have taken out their VHS tapes, calligraphy sets and LPs  to distract them from  how our culture is de-evolving every day.  However, is our love for ‘blasts from the past’ affecting our love lives as well?

According to a recent adult dating survey, 52 percent of singles have admitted that they ruined relationships due to the fact they couldn’t stop dwelling on the past.  The fact that we live in a world that only sees fashion trends as  socially acceptable forms of nostalgia, it can be hard to not look back at what once made us happy be it television shows, movies or past partners.

Unfortunately, a lot of people in their twenties and thirties have been struggling and have been drowning at the very thought of acting like adults when only a while ago, the world was in front of them instead of leaving them in the dust.

Things are different in 2011 and most people do not seek marriage, children and major career advances because they have the freedom to do whatever they want while ironically having debt up to their ears.  Nostalgia is much like a drug–it’s a temporary fix or escape from the real world and unfortunately it’s high addictive.

Whether you are hung up on your ex or are avoiding the trials and tribulations of life by watching old Reboot re-runs, it’s imperative to not let your life live you.  Time goes by too fast if you spend your waking hours wishing for a time travel machine.  Start living your life and try new things.  Let go of past memories so you can make room for future ones.


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