Is Semen the New Prozac?

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A recent study of nearly 300 undergraduate college females measured depressive symptoms as a function of their sexual activity and relative condom use. According to the study, women who were having fucking without using condoms exhibited significantly fewer signs of depression and even suicide attempts.

By contrast, the women studied who were not using condoms experienced spikes in depressive symptoms as the time between their last sexual encounter increased. These findings suggest that the absorption and subsequent rise in estrogen levels during unprotected sexual activity are consistent with the possibility that semen may antagonize symptoms of depression.

I will admit, as someone in a serious relationship who also uses condoms, my immediate instinct is to find out a way to toss them and safely avoid pregnancy with my partner without including hormonal contraception to my girlfriend who has trouble with migraines and can’t be prescribed “the pill”, as it’s widely known.

But this study might be taking a bit of a leap in it’s conclusion.

While the women answered questions about birth control and frequency of sex, as well as overall depression levels, it neglected to go into detail with the nearly 50% of participants who were using oral contraceptive. The pill is widely varied in strength and makeup; some contain estrogen and progestin, others only the latter. The pill can affect mood in either direction on their own. Another question it raises is what type of relationship these women were in. Regular sex without the use of condoms may suggest (if not a level of irresponsibility) a more intimate relationship. If the females were having sex with someone new, or someone they have a long-standing relationship with, that could also affect their level of depression or a spike in endorphins.

This study rasises some interesting points and brings to light even more questions. It will be very interesting to see what further conclusions more investigation on the subject will be revealed.

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