Is Your Local Pub Ruining Your Love Life?

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Once you get older, a lot of people opt to hang out a local pub or bar on a daily basis rather than getting all dressed up and going to expensive and impersonal clubs on a weekly basis.  A place of stability is always great and pubs are usually full of regulars that are looking for close friendships. However, hanging out at these places on a regular basis can definitely hurt your adult dating life greatly.

According to a recent online dating survey, 43 percent of couples have said their relationships became rocky when they were affected by the personal dramas of their local bar.  So why are the numbers so high, you may be wondering?

Just like offices, pubs and bars are full of regulars who have nothing better to talk about than gossip.  Instead of hanging out in front of a water cooler, they are hanging in front of a bar with alcohol and that is not good for anybody’s relationship.  Also, pubs and bars are full of jealous and lonely people who love to cause rifts in relationships.

“My girlfriend and I have definitely had problems with lonely old farts trying to break us up at the local bar.  She was always too nice to tell them to go away and we would always fight when they would lie to her about me hitting on other patrons when she wasn’t there. ” Mike, 27

It also doesn’t help that bars are known to be sexual cess pools and a lot of the time, egos are hurt and bruised which leads to unneeded relationship woes.

“I love my girlfriend and I love that I met her at my local hangout.  Although, once I found out she had hooked up with a couple of the regulars, I can’t help but think she’s like damaged goods. All I can think about is her sleeping with these low lives and it’s definitely affecting our relationship in a big way.”  Joseph, 23

If you’re in a committed relationship, it is important to experience new venues and outings.  Although these hangouts provide comfort and stability, they are full of people that are looking to cause unneeded problems for you.  Switch up your routine to make your relationship stronger today.


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