Is Your Relationship Dependent On Alcohol?

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In our adult dating lives, alcohol sometimes plays a factor in our relationships.  Sometimes, people are able to start conversations with their future lovers after a few shots in their systems.  Others are able to be spontaneous enough to want to jump in the sack with a new crush.  (They don’t call it ‘liquid courage’ for nothing. )

Alcohol lowers self-doubts and inhibitions which can be good from time to time.  However, it can also be damaging to the relationship, because if you start off your courtship by drinking, it could lead to you being dependent on alcohol with your significant other.

According to a recent online dating study, 41 percent of singles have admitted to being in relationships that were driven by substance abuse. (namely alcohol.)

So what are the clear red flags that your relationship is dependent on spirits? Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Routine Drinking

Do you only hang out at pubs and bars with your significant other? If you’re not out, are you drinking at home with your significant other to cure your boredom? Are your paychecks constantly going to your bar tabs?

2. Booze is A Constant Accessory

Are you always drunk or “tipsy” when having regular conversations with your lover?  Is it uncommon for you not to have a drink after you get home from work?  Are you perfectly fine with supporting each other’s bad drinking habits?

3. Personality Enhancement

Do you think alcohol makes you more personable to your partner? Are all your sober conversations boring?  Do you think you are more likable or interesting to your significant other when you are drinking?  Are you the most happiest around your partner when you are intoxicated?

4. Drunken Sex

Are you only in the mood when you have a few drinks in you? Do you feel you only perform well in bed when you are drunk? Do you use drunken sex as a form of escaping your every day problems in life?

If you have said ‘yes’ to any of the previous questions, then you may be in alcohol co-dependent relationship.  You should ask yourself why is liquor a necessity to your relationship? Are you filling a void or are you dumping your bad habits onto your partner? Whatever the case may be, it’s important to know a relationship can not survive on substance abuse.  Not only does it ruin your relationship, it ruins your relationships with friends and family as well.  Pursue happiness in your love life with sobriety in mind.

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