Lack of Dopamine Can Cause Infidelity

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One of the biggest reasons why adult dating relationships usually crumble is due to infidelity. It doesn’t matter if you are the best boyfriend or girlfriend in the world.  It doesn’t matter if you have dedicated your entire life to them and to their happiness.  People in relationships still cheat on those they love? So why is that? Well, you simply are not putting out enough.

According to a recent sex dating research study, cheating has been linked to a chemical imbalance involving dopamine.  The dopamine receptor gene named DRD4 is linked to thrill seekers, risk-takers and infidelity. Unsurprisingly, the gene has been found mostly in drug addicts, gamblers and drinkers.

“The motivation seems to stem from a system of pleasure and reward, which is where the release of dopamine comes in. In cases of uncommitted sex, the risks are high, the rewards substantial and the motivation variable — all elements that ensure a dopamine ‘rush.’” -Justin Garcia, SUNY Binghamton University

So could this possibly be true? Could the lack of dopamine levels in some individuals and the excessive amount of dopamine in other individuals be the reason why so many couples fall victim to infidelity today?  Yes and no.

It’s true that dopamine has a lot to do with infidelity, but at the end of the day, we are “masters of our own domains.”  A person always has a choice to cheat or to stay faithful. So although, it may be true, it’s not a wise idea to blame the excessive amounts of dopamine in your system as an excusing for cheating.



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