Male Vegetarians Love Oral Sex & Older Men Like It Rough

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There is a huge difference between a controlled, intelligent, well-though out scientific online dating study run by universities and scientists and the ones run by dumb-ass adult dating sties that don’t really know what they are doing. Nevertheless, the findings that come out of such studies are incredibly amusing

The latest I’ve come across has all sorts of interesting stats about vegetarians and oral sex and dating older men. Check it out

1. Tweeters Masturbate More

Yes, if you use twitter, you also jack off more frequently apparently. Something about fitting everything into 140 characters must make people really horny.

2. The Tweet-Obsessed Haver Short Relationships

If you’re on Twitter too much, says this dating study, you’re relationships probably don’t last as long. I buy this one. I’ve heard lots of complaints from female friends about their dates constantly tweeting what’s happening during their romantic dinner to their followers. Uh, no thanks.

3. The More You Paid for Your Education, the More Robust Your Sex Drive

If you went to an Ivy League School you also have an Ivy League Libido.

4. Male Vegetarians Like Eating Pussy More than Meat-Eaters.

Just what I said in the title there, just what I said.

5. Older Dudes Like it Rough.

50 % of men aged 60 or older want hard sex compared to just 10 percent of men aged 25.

Male Vegetarians Love Oral Sex & Older Men Like It Rough, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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