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Whoa. We men have another reason to sign up for online dating and start looking for a life mate, because it turns out marriage does a lot of stuff for us. Apparently. Several studies (and Victorian classics) have been suggesting for years and years that marriage makes men less aggressive, more responsible, less likely to do something illegal and healthier in the noggin. Jesus. But, researchers were never quite sure if it was marriage that did all this, or if it was simply that fewer ‘uncivilized’ men got married.

Now there’s a study which suggests it might be both. S. Alexandra Burt, a behavioral geneticist at Michigan State University, recently published the findings of her study on the topic in the Archives of General Psychiatry. For the study, Burt looked at 289 genetically identical male twins, whether they got married, and what difference (if any) tying the knot made.

Burt’s findings? “Our results indicate that the reduced rate of antisocial behavior in married men is more complicated than we previously thought. Marriage is generally good for men, at least in terms of reducing antisocial behavior, but the data also indicates that it’s not random who enters into the state of marriage.”

Burt looked at the twin guys when they were 17, 20, 24 and 29 and discovered that the dudes who had less antisocial behaviors at 17 and 20, got married more often by 29. Once married, the antisocial activities of these guys continued to go down. The single twin, on the other hand, was much more likely to be up to some sort of mischief.

So, responsible dudes get married, and marriage makes them more responsible? If irresponsible dudes got married, would they become more responsible? Meh. Who knows? One thing Burt asks us to keep in mind, is that if you’re married, you’re probably not out drinking with your no-good buddies and getting into brawls over sexy single women and peanuts (because your wife might kill you if you did that.) You’ve chosen the one bond over those others.

My question is, in signing off, is: what does marriage do for women?

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