Men Prefer Women Who Were Dumped

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Hey ladies! Were you just dumped by your boyfriend? No worries – new men will find you more attractive. I swear. The University of Michigan recently published the results of a study that found that men prefer women who were dropped by their last boyfriend, while women prefer men who did the good-bye Janie in their last relationship.

Researchers told 198 straight participants to post fake online dating profiles. Participants were then asked to rate ads based on superficial info, and to note whether they wanted just casual sex with that person or a long-term relationship. If the men just wanted to fuck, the whole who-dumped-who thing didn’t matter one bit. If the men wanted a serious relationship, he preferred the woman who had been dumped by her previous boyfriend.

Women, on the other hand, wanted a long-term relationship with the man who had dumped his last girlfriend.

Although I interpreted the meaning of this study in literally two seconds flat, and I’m sure you could do the same, let’s hear what the lead researcher had to say about it:

“Initially, I was expecting that everyone would like the person who rejected their last partner more because it’s an indication perhaps that the person is of high status (or) is willing to risk breaking up with someone to find a relationship that is perhaps more suitable for them.” Uh-huh, uh-huh. Bla bla bla.

Then she goes on to say men probably actually prefer the dumped woman because it reinforces the whole male dominance thing. Also, a woman who dumps might be all high maintenance and shit. Hard to keep. He’ll end up getting rejected, etc. The woman, meanwhile, wants to know the dude doesn’t have a hang-up on his ex, so chooses the dumper.

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