Men Want Your Pumpkin Pie

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Despite what the American metal band Warrant has taught us to believe, men would rather want your pumpkin pie than your cherry pie.  According to an sex dating study conducted by the smell and taste foundation in Chicago, men much prefer the scent of pumpkin pie as it is able to boost penile blood flow and erections 100 times greater than any other scent.

Although many women would like to disagree with this statement, most will be shocked to learn that their sensuous perfumes are far more likely to attract other women than the opposite sex.  You see, a woman’s sensitivity to musk is a thousand times greater than men and the only reason why the use of these scents attract men is because of the confidence and behavior that a woman exudes from putting the perfumes on.

So, if you’re interested in snagging a man in your datinglife, don’t waste anymore of your money on expensive perfumes at the department store and focus on these tempting tactics:

Buy Pumpkin Pie Pheromones Oil

There are special fragrance oils that enhance your pheromone levels and for under 15 dollars, you can buy Pumpkin Pie fragrance oil to attract the object of your affections.  Buy one that mixes in Pumpkin Pie with lavender, as lavender is also a scent men are fairly attracted to as well.  This is the REAL Love Potion #9.

Buy Pumpkin Spice Scented Candles

If you don’t want to smell like a Thanksgiving dessert all the time, buy and light some pumpkin spice scented candles in your house hours before your date is supposed to come over.  The aroma will drive him wild.

Make Pumpkin Pie in Sexy Lingerie

Surprise your lover by making a homemade pumpkin pie in your sexiest lingerie.  He’ll never want to eat different type of pie ever again after that. ;)

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