More Women Suffer From ‘Broken Heart Syndrome’ Than Men

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Online Dating Study States More Single Women Suffer From Broken Heart Syndrome

According to a recent online dating study, a lady’s heart breaks more easily than a man’s and sometimes the results can be catastrophic to one’s health.  The recent study showed that women who have suffered an emotional breakup from someone they were dating or have lost someone they loved are 7 to 9 times far more likely to experience heart attacks and problems due to having a broken heart.  The study also revealed that once hit with the syndrome, multiple attacks are likely to occur especially during the summer season.

Online Dating Study Reveals Women Of All Ages Suffer Greatly

Although, the medical phenomenon is still a mystery to most cardiologists, the online dating study showed that single or widowed women are 7.5 times more likely to experience broken heart syndrome than men do.  Also the numbers do differ between age groups. It turns out that women that over 55 years old are three times more likely to experience the syndrome than younger women. While younger women are 9.5 times more likely to experience heart attack-like problems due to the syndrome more than men their own age.

Negative Dating Syndrome Can Be Hazardous To A Woman’s Health

The scariest thing about this Broken Heart syndrome is that no cardiologist knows why it’s mainly occurring in women and sometimes the results can be fatal.  The dating study revealed that although fatalities are low, (about 1 percent of women die from it) women who suffer from the syndrome are likely to experience a second or third episode in their lifetimes.  It also occurs more during the Winter Season when Holidays remind the broken-hearted that they are alone.  However, the study shows that most attacks happen in the summer season.


More Women Suffer From 'Broken Heart Syndrome' Than Men, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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